2020 Virtual Speaker Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline to submit my recorded sessions?

The deadline for submission of recorded lecture sessions is August 21, 2020.

How long does my recorded lecture presentation need to be?

The recorded lectures must be 50 minutes in length in order to be RACE approved. It is best to have your recorded lecture be between 48 and 50 minutes. We will be adding a brief introduction and ending.

What if I have never conducted or recorded an online presentation before?

No worries! We have a set of guides and video tutorials to help make your presentation recording a success!

Where do I find the software to download to record my session?

OBS is free software that is available for both Windows and MacOS. You can download the version for your computer from the Speaker Portal.

Does it matter if I have a Windows-based computer or a Mac?

No. Windows and MacOS are supported.

What if I have a video or audio in my presentation?

OBS will allow you to record both a mic and computer audio. For MacOS, due to its increased security, there are a few extra steps to install and setup a small, free software program. Instructions for this can be found here:

Will I be presenting live on the day of the session?

No. All presentations are pre-recorded and submitted to AHVMA in advance of the submission deadline.

I have more than one session. Should I record all the sessions together or each session separately?

Each session presentation should be recorded separately, even if you are presenting multiple lectures in succession. We will insert each recorded presentation into the scheduled time slot.

Will participants receive CE credit for my pre-recorded presentation?

CE is offered for attending a pre-recorded session and passing the short quiz.

What does 16×9 wide format mean for my presentation?

16×9 or wide format is a more modern orientation of a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation supported by modern computers and projectors. The older format was 4×3 which presents a more square orientation. We offer a 16×10 format for Mac users.

What if my presentation is in 4×3 format?

It is best to take the time to convert your presentation to 16×9. This can be done in PowerPoint and Keynote. Take care to make sure any photos or graphics don’t become stretched. This will also be helpful for you going forward as most projectors now use the wide format.

If you can’t convert your presentation, we will provide a recording profile that will suit the 4×3 format. Please contact Mandie at mandie@ahvma.org if you need help with this.

Do I need to buy additional equipment to conduct my online presentation?

You most likely have everything you need to create a successful and professional online presentation. If you do need to purchase a webcam or microphone, there are many inexpensive options. We have made a few recommendations in the Speaker Guide.

How will I submit my recorded session and related files to AHVMA?

You can upload your files to AHVMA via the link on the Speaker Portal.

Session recordings must be in mp4 format.

You are able to upload multiple files. When you are finished adding files please enter your first name, last name and email address and then click the Upload button.

Files required for each 50 minute session:

  • Recorded Session (Must be in mp4 format)
  • Five Quiz Questions With Sample Answers
  • PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation File
  • Related Audio or Video Files (If any)
  • Presentation Notes

Please use the following naming convention so that your files can be easily organized. If you have multiple sessions, please indicate session number as shown in example.





For any related audio or video files please append slide number where that file is embedded.

Example: Smith_Jane_Diagnostic_Treatment_Methods_1_Slide_15.mov

The beginning and ending of my recording shows me switching programs and starting and stopping the recording. Will those parts of the recording be part of the final pre-recorded session?

No. We will edit your recording slightly to be sure it begins and ends appropriately.