The deadline for submission of recorded lecture sessions is August 21, 2020.

Speaker Guide for 2020 AHVMA Virtual Annual Conference & Exhibition

We have created a Speaker Guide for the 2020 AHVMA Virtual Annual Conference & Exhibition. This guide is helpful for you as you create your recorded lectures.

Download Speaker Guide

See our FAQ Page for many frequently asked questions.

If you are ready to upload your files, Click Here to go to the Upload Section.

OBS Recording Software Downloads

OBS is a FREE screen recording software that is available for both Windows and MacOS. It allows you to display a presentation, your webcam video and microphone audio at the same time so viewers can see you while you are presenting. That recording is then saved as a video in mp4 format for uploading to AHVMA using the link above.

Download the Free OBS Software

Download OBS for Windows Download OBS for MacOS

For Mac Users Using Audio or Video in PowerPoint or Keynote Presentations

Because of the security features of MacOS computer audio (sound from a video or audio file played on the Mac) is not captured by the OBS Software. You must download and follow the steps to install iShowU Audio Capture to include computer audio in your recording.

You only need this software if you are using a Mac AND your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation incorporates any audio or video.

Download iShowU Audio Capture

View Installation and Setup Instructions

Download the AHVMA Scenes

Scenes control the layout of the recorded screen in the OBS software. Below you will find scene profiles for your computer configuration.

Download Windows 16×9 Scene

Download MacOS 16×9 Scene

Unzip the downloaded file before importing the scene.

To import a scene into OBS click on the Scene Collection menu and then choose Import. Select the file from the location on your computer. One the Scene Collection Importer screen make sure the checkbox to the left is checked and click the Import button. You will need to click on Background-AHVMA in Sources and add the background from the download below.

The sources listed in the scene will need to be configured as each computer setup is different.

Scene Tips

In order to set up the PowerPoint presentation source, you must first open the presentation in PowerPoint and enter Slide Show mode. The switch back to OBS by pressing the ALT+Tab keys (Command+Tab for Mac). The double click on the Presentation source and select the slide show presentation.

Right-click on the Presentation source and select Transform and then Edit Transform… Confirm the settings match the screenshot below. Confirm that Left, Top, Right and Bottom crop values are all set to 0 (zero).

Download AHVMA 2020 Virtual Conference & Exhibition Background Image

We have created a standard background image for you to use for your recordings. This should be inserted into your scene profile as a source.

Download Background Image

To download the image, click on the link or image above and the image will open in a new tab or window. Right-click (command-click for Mac) on the image and then choose Save Image As… to save the image to your computer.

Video Tutorials

Below are three video tutorials to help you set up and record your session with the OBS software.

Using OBS for Windows

Using OBS for MacOS With Q&A


Upload Link for Speaker Submissions

The deadline for submission of recorded lecture sessions is August 21, 2020.

We have created a File Request Link in Dropbox for you to upload your recorded session(s), PowerPoint or Keynote presentation(s), any related audio or video files and your presentation notes.

Session recordings must be in mp4 format.

You are able to upload multiple files. When you are finished adding files please enter your first name, last name and email address and then click the Upload button.

Files required for each 50 minute session:

  • Recorded Session (Must be in mp4 format)
  • Five Quiz Questions With Sample Answers
  • PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation File
  • Related Audio or Video Files (If any)
  • Presentation Notes

Please use the following naming convention so that your files can be easily organized. If you have multiple sessions, please indicate the session number as shown in example.



For any related audio or video files please append slide number where that file is embedded.

Example: Smith_Jane_Diagnostic_Treatment_Methods_1_Slide_15.mov

Upload Files