Spirit of Healing – Connections Retreat


Tuesday, October 10, 2023
2 pm to 7 pm
Santa Clara Recreation Center
San Diego, CA

The annual connections retreat, organized by the Council of Elders and open to all, is a time to enjoy living with love and gratitude, and bask in the support and camaraderie of your AHVMA family.

This year’s retreat will be held immediately after the 2023 AHVMA Annual Conference and Exhibition, at the Santa Clara Recreation Center overlooking Mission Bay.

The retreat will include a luncheon and workshop given by nationally renowned speaker Dr. Kimberly A. Pope-Robinson, DVM. Dr. Pope-Robinson will present a 1Life Connected talk with imagery and participant interactions designed to enhance connections and passion for our work, improve the balance between both the negative and positive experiences in practice/life, and help us honor ourselves the way we honor the human-animal bond. 

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  • Honoring Ourselves As We Honor the Human Animal Bond: 1.5 hours
  • Burn-Out and Self-Compassion: 1.5 hours
  • Boundaries/Empathy and Energies: 1 hour
  • Activities around Filling Our Balloons, Take A Bubble Break, Self-Compassion

Within veterinary medicine, our energy often connects through this amazing, yet complicated concept of the Human-Animal-Bond (HAB). In working to support the community and in honoring the value around the HAB, it can be incredibly satisfying with an elevated level of energy and moments of pure contentment. In addition, it can be taxing and draining of the vet professional’s energy, especially for those we connect with on an empathetic level.

When entering into a relationship with a patient and client, having an awareness of our own needs and energy level is critical. Having outlets to re-center and avenues for creating energy and emotional boundaries, will allow each of us a more sustainable career in honoring the HAB.

During our time together, we will begin to understand the stage of where we stand and be provided a framework to help us vocalize our personal support needs. We will also take time to break down the barriers to honoring boundaries within our career and those emotional connections with others. Providing visibility on where to move by learning to embrace our boundaries for ourselves through self-compassion.

This will be accomplished through a number of interactive activities and within a place of non-judgement and acceptance for each other. In the end helping us each to find the ways to stay connected to our core, healing from the inside and in doing so finding longevity within the veterinary industry.

Continuing Education

The Connections Retreat will be submitted to AAVSB RACE for approval for 4 hours of continuing education credits. 


Registration includes attendance and lunch.

Members: $150
Non-Members: $165

Registration is closed.