Annual Restorative Retreat – Healer, Heal Thyself

The time is now to plan for the wonderful post-AHVMA conference retreat scheduled at Camp Stevens.

The retreat takes place after the end of the AHVMA conference, late afternoon on October 24 to noon on October 27, 2017.

All AHVMA retreats are sponsored by the Council of Elders, and our focus is Healer, Heal Thyself.  We aim for ourselves to be rejuvenated with the help of nature and fellow colleagues.  We will have time to connect with nature, to participate in ropes courses, to participate in a sweat lodge if you so choose, and to just be.

Take the time for this spiritual connection with nature and de-stress. Connect with the earth and its surroundings and release all worldly anxieties.

The positive effects of the retreat at Camp Stevens may make a huge impact on how you view what is important in your life. Treat yourself to this magnificent experience and become addicted to nature and future retreats.

Commit this coming year and enjoy the magnificent experiences you will have at Camp Stevens.

Nestled on 256 acres in Julian, California, approximately 65 miles northeast of San Diego International Airport, Camp Stevens sits at a little over 4200 feet elevation.  The camp is a place where you can leave the bustle and distractions of everyday life to deepen relationships with one another and accomplish common goals. The serene, natural setting brings rejuvenation to the spirit, mind, and body.  Camp Stevens serves homemade meals made with produce grown in their own gardens.  Their core values are openness, gratitude, connection, and wonder.

Learn more about Camp Stevens in the video below:


Please plan to register early, as spaces on the retreat are strictly limited.

Registrations will be honored in the order in which they are received, based on availability. We will be unable to add additional space once our allotted number of spaces are full.

** The first twenty four (24) retreat registrants will be housed together in a special lodge. Any additional registrants (up to the maximum allowable limit) will be housed in separate A frames.

You will receive a personal confirmation from a member of the AHVMA Office staff once your registration has been processed.

You may register for the retreat with your annual conference registration.


Retreat Packing List

Retreat Waiver (REQUIRED for all attendees)