2020 AHVMA Virtual Annual Conference RACE Approved CE Credits

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Lecture TitleCategorySpeakerCE
Cancer and Nutraceuticals- Emerging TherapiesMedicalPJ Broadfoot1
Promoting Wellness and Longevity StrategiesMedicalPJ Broadfoot1
Promoting Longevity- on the Telomere TrailMedicalPJ Broadfoot1
Natural Immunity vs. Vaccine ImmunityMedicalTodd Cooney1
Homeopathy and Epidemic DiseaseMedicalTodd Cooney1
Parvo in Dogs: Successful Prevention and Treatment with HomeopathyMedicalTodd Cooney1
Clinical Animal Nutrition can be ProfitableNon-MedicalAva Frick 1
Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis - A Testing SystemMedicalAva Frick 1
Interpretation and Nutritional Balancing with TMAMedicalAva Frick 1
Photobiomodulation: De-Myth-stifying Light DevicesMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Frequency- Specific Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Calming with LLLT-Light Induced RelaxationMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Successful Treatment of Laminitis, Colic in HorsesMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Cruising the 405: Violet 405nm in Wound ManagementMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Lions, Tigers and Bare Eyes - Oh My! LLLT in ExoticsMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)MedicalTrina Hazzah 1
The Cannabis Plant: Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids MedicalTrina Hazzah 1
Clinical Application of Cannabis: Therapeutic Implementation, Dosing Rational and Toxicity InformationMedicalTrina Hazzah 1
Integrating Cannabinoids into Cancer Therapy (part 1)MedicalTrina Hazzah 1
Integrating Cannabinoids into Cancer Therapy (part 2)MedicalTrina Hazzah 1
Integrative Treatment of Cognitive Dysfunction (2 hours)MedicalJanice Huntingford2
Rehab for Hospice/ Palliative PatientsMedicalJanice Huntingford1
Geriatric Rehabilitation for the Integrative PractitionerMedicalJanice Huntingford1
Glyphosate Toxicity- Exposure Levels & Impact (2 hours)MedicalKatie Kangas2
Detoxification with Zeolites/ ClinoptiloliteMedicalKatie Kangas1
Affects of Medications on Performance DogsMedicalLyndsay Klemens 1
The TMJ and Hyoid ApparatusMedicalLyndsay Klemens 1
Introduction to Holistic Veterinary Medicine- The Wave of the FutureMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Introduction to NutraceuticalsMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Introduction to Veterinary ChiropracticMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Pathophysiology of Skin Disease (3 hours)MedicalSteve Marsden3
Interpreting Findings in Skin Disease (2 hours)MedicalSteve Marsden2
Herbs for Metabolism and Inflammation (2 hours)MedicalSteve Marsden2
Herbs for Immune Dysregulation (2 hours)MedicalSteve Marsden2
Essential Oils 101: An Introduciton to the BasicsMedicalJared Mitchell1
Adding Essential Oils to Everyday PracticeMedicalJared Mitchell1
Essential Oils and CancerMedicalJared Mitchell1
Essential Oils and SeizuresMedicalJared Mitchell1
How Tissues Heal & How We Can Help MedicalJo Moyes1
Why We Worry About WeightMedicalJo Moyes1
Rehab in Action MedicalJo Moyes1
10 Reasons Adjusting the Atlas will helpMedicalWm L. Ormston, 1
Leg Length as an Indicator of Spinal HealthMedicalWm L. Ormston, 1
Chiropractic successes in Food AnimalsMedicalWm L. Ormston, 1
The Science of Animal ChiropracticMedicalWm L. Ormston, 1
Cannabis History and the Current Legal LandscapeNon-MedicalGary Richter1
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)MedicalGary Richter1
PhytocannabinoidsMedicalGary Richter1
TerpenesMedicalGary Richter1
Cannabis Medicines, current research dosingMedicalGary Richter1
Science of Spinal ManipulationMedicalPedro Rivera1
Neurological Examination for Practitioners Proving Manual TherapiesMedicalPedro Rivera1
Cerebellum, biomechanics and performance (2 hours)MedicalPedro Rivera2
CCL disruption: Is surgery the only option?MedicalPedro Rivera1
Somatic disruption with visceral representationMedicalPedro Rivera1
What is rehab and what can we do with it?MedicalPedro Rivera1
Anatomy: What they did not tell you in school!MedicalPedro Rivera1
Stress- Fight or Flight or Is there another way?MedicalBarrie Sands 1
Heart or Brain- Who is smarter and Why do we care?MedicalBarrie Sands 1
Nutrition for Cats with Chronic Kidney DiseaseMedicalLea Stogdale1
Raw Diets: Recommendations for Benefitting Patients, Owners and DVMSMedicalLea Stogdale1
Performing Clinical Studies in Holistic PracticeNon-MedicalLea Stogdale1
Biofield, Water and Cell Biology: A Paradigm ShiftNon-MedicalOdette Suter1
Biofield, Water and Cell Biology: ApplicationNon-MedicalOdette Suter1
An Integrative Approach to PainMedicalSusan Wagner1
Herbals for Immune- Mediated Diseases: StudiesMedicalHuisheng Xie1
Herbals for Immune- Mediated Diseases: ApplicationsMedicalHuisheng Xie1
Black Box Theory- philosophic base for TCVMMedicalHuisheng Xie1
Using "Where" and "What" in TCVM DiagnosticsMedicalHuisheng Xie1
How to Improve Acupuncture Results in Horses (2 hours)MedicalHuisheng Xie2