Our committees and task forces do the real work of our Association. Want to get involved? Email us!

Conference Program Committee

The Conference Program Committee works with the Executive Director in planning and executing the annual conference of the Association. The Board of Directors shall vote their approval of the program.

  • Carol Falck, VMD – Cleveland, GA, Chair
  • Jennifer Levitsky, DVM – Severna Park, MD
  • Jared Mitchell, DVM – Mobile, AL
  • Julie Sturm, DVM – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • Lisa Radwan, DVM – Pulaski, WI

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee shall assist the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the AHVMA. The Committee shall have a minimum of three (3) members. The Committee, in close relationship with the Editor, helps to set goals and guidelines for the Journal. The Board and its President shall be responsible for the ultimate decision in case of dispute or disagreement with the Editor of the Journal.

  • Shelley R. Epstein, VMD – Media, PA, Chair and Editor-in-Chief
  • Bernie Fischer, DVM, PhD – Durham, NC, Editor Emeritus
  • Nancy Scanlan, DVM – Mount Shasta, CA, Editor Emeritus
  • Laurin Cooke, DVM – Asheville, NC
  • Jean Dodds, DVM – Garden Grove, CA
  • Kristy Herman, DVM – Montrose, NY
  • Nora Jean Nealon, DVM, PhD – Columbus, OH
  • Pedro Rivera, DVM – Sturtevant, WI
  • Lynn Shiner, DVM – Corpus Christi, TX
  • Lea Stogdale, DVM – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall, with the Executive Director, develop an annual budget for the Association. The President-Elect shall serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.

  • Theresa SaLee, DVM – Bartlett, IL, Chair
  • Alli Dunlop, DVM – Milwaukee, WI
  • Rosemarie Niznik, DVM – Bristol, WI
  • Ashley Rossman, DVM – Glenview, IL

Issues Committee

The Issues Committee will gather information on issues presented to the AHVMA about which the Association is interested or required to respond or take action. Reports will be sent to the Board for their decision on how the Association will proceed, copied to the office. The President-Elect shall be the Chair of the Issues Committee.

  • Theresa SaLee, DVM – Bartlett, IL, Chair

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall have the responsibility of collecting nominations for elected positions of the Association. The Immediate Past President shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

  • Alli Dunlop, DVM – Milwaukee, WI, Chair
  • Jessica Dreyfuss, DVM – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Doug Knueven, DVM – Beaver, PA

SAHVMA Committee

The SAHVMA Committee shall work with the SAHVMA group(s) to ensure their integration into the activities of the Association.

  • Melissa Kellagher – Abingdon, MD, SAHVMA Administrator
  • Angelica Lee (Glee) Anderhardt – Student Committee Member – Lincoln Memorial University

AVMA Delegates

  • Gary Stuer, DVM – Bethel, ME, Delegate
  • Ashley Rossman, DVM – Glenview, IL, Alternate Delegate

Council of Elders

The purpose of the Council of Elders is to provide spiritual guidance and advice to members when requested to maintain the heart of AHVMA.

  • Angel Mitchell, DVM – Columbus, NC, Chair
  • James Clark, DVM – Salmon Arm, BC Canada
  • Twila Floyd, DVM – Auburn, AL
  • Jean Hollenstein, DVM – Glenwood, MN
  • Cynthia Lankenau, DVM – Colden, NY
  • Cynthia Maro, DVM – Ellwood City, PA
  • Margo Roman, DVM – Hopkinton, MA
  • Theresa SaLee, DVM – Bartlett, IL
  • Judith Shoemaker, DVM – Nottingham, PA
  • Linda Stern, DVM – Camp Hill, PA
  • Sue Swanson, DVM – Marine on St. Croix, MN
  • Polly Yamamoto, VMD – Kaneohe, HI