Conference Continuing Education

The 2023 AHVMA Conference included 41 hours of RACE-approved content. 2024 RACE courses will be posted in the summer of 2024.

Any one veterinarian or veterinary technician may earn a maximum of 21 RACE-approved CE credits during the conference.

This approval is valid in jurisdictions that recognize AAVSB RACE; participants are responsible for ascertaining CE requirements within their jurisdiction.

2023 RACE-approved Courses

Lecture TitleCategorySpeakerCE Credits
Essential Oils- Integrating an Ancient Modality MedicalSusan Albright1
Integrating an Ancient Modality- Part 2MedicalSusan Albright1
CATastrophe…….or not?MedicalSusan Albright1
Essential Oil Use Alongside PharmaceuticalsMedicalSusan Albright1
Using Essential Oils to Enhance Other ModalitiesMedicalSusan Albright1
EO Case Studies with Dogs, Cats, HorsesMedicalSusan Albright1
Insects as a Protein Source for Companion Animals MedicalAnne Carlson 1
Nutritional Benefits of Insect ProteinMedicalAnne Carlson 1
Sustainability of Insect ProteinMedicalAnne Carlson 1
Treatment of Allergy and Autoimmune Disease (TCM) 4 partsMedicalJohn K Chen 4
What is Five Element Medicine?MedicalDelores T. Craig1
Five Element Needling Techniques- 2 partMedicalDelores T. Craig2
TCM Approach to EdemaMedicalDelores T. Craig1
Seizures: TCM Physiology, Patterns and TreatmentMedicalDelores T. Craig1
Phytotherapy for Dental DiseaseMedicalBarbara Fougere1
Phytotherapy for OpthalmologyMedicalBarbara Fougere1
Senior Nutraceuticals and HerbsMedicalBarbara Fougere1
Universal Body Language 101: Tips to Excel!Non-MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Translating Body Language to PartnershipNon-MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Integrating Play into the WorkdayNon-MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Can Corporate and Holistic Medicine Coexist?Non-MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
A Tour of the Cannabis Plant: What's Inside?MedicalTrina Hazzah 1
Clinical Application of Cannabis in Small AnimalsMedicalTrina Hazzah 1
The Use of Cannabis in OncologyMedicalTrina Hazzah 1
Quantum Healing: A Look at Energetic MedicineMedicalErin Holder1
Understanding and Treating Metabolic SyndromeMedicalErin Holder1
Integrative Medicine in Avian and Exotic PatientsMedicalErin Holder1
Leaky Gut. The Root of Chronic Inflammation?MedicalKatie B. Kangas 1
Digestion is a Comprehensive JobMedicalKatie B. Kangas 1
Chronic Stress & Anxiety: The Role of the HPA AxisMedicalKatie B. Kangas 1
Introduction to Veterinary ChiropracticMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Introduction to Raw FeedingMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Success with Alopecia X and MyositisMedicalKären Marsden1
Resolving Anxiety and Stress with AdaptogensMedicalKären Marsden1
Multi Modal Approaches to Heart, Liver and KidneysMedicalKären Marsden1
Four on the Floor: Getting Disc Dogs Walking AgainMedicalSteve Marsden1
Treating Acute CNS InflammationMedicalSteve Marsden1
The Great Wall: Chinese Medicine Tackles Leaky GutMedicalSteve Marsden1
Pulse Diagnosis Lab(2hr Lab)2 sessionsMedicalSteve Marsden4
Laser How To: Best Effects When Treating JointsMedicalLaurie McCauley1
Exercise: Improve Lifespan & Healthspan of Old DogMedicalLaurie McCauley1
Joint Mobilizations of the SpineMedicalLaurie McCauley1
Joint Mobilizations of the Spine Lab(2 hour lab)MedicalLaurie McCauley2
NeuroDiversity in a NeuroTypical WorldNon-MedicalLaurie McCauley1
Introduction to HomeopathyMedicalLisa Melling1
Adding Homeopathy to Your PracticeMedicalLisa Melling1
Homeopathic Prescribing for Acute IllnessMedicalLisa Melling1
Integrative Veterinary Medicine:An IntroductionMedicalJared Mitchell1
Introduction to Laser Therapy BasicsMedicalJared Mitchell1
Intro to Veterinary AcupunctureMedicalJared Mitchell1
Understanding the Principles of TCVMMedicalJared Mitchell1
Intro to VSRM: Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports MedicineMedicalEvelyn Orenbuch1
Wobble to Walk: Tips and Tricks for the Neurologic PatientMedicalEvelyn Orenbuch1
14 is the New 12: Keeping the Older, Arthritic Patient Young and MobileMedicalEvelyn Orenbuch1
Age as a Disease Model: The Hallmarks of AgingMedicalHeather Oxford1
Is Age Reversible…or preventable? MedicalHeather Oxford1
Anti- Aging Medicine: The Fountain of Youth?MedicalHeather Oxford1
Veterinary Infrared Thermal Imaging: A New ParadigmMedicalRonald J. Riegel1
Imaging the Patient/ Hands on Experience (2 hour session)MedicalRonald J. Riegel2
Hands- On Photobiomodulation Treatment Technique (2 hours)MedicalRonald J. Riegel2
The Link Between Bile Acids & the Gut MicrobiomeMedicalRobin Saar1
How Looking Inside May Show A Problem OutsideMedicalRobin Saar1
Gut Dysbiosis Pain & Neurological SymptomsMedicalRobin Saar1
Quantum Biology Ancient Wisdom to New Frontiers Parts 1 & 2Non-MedicalBarrie Sands 2
Quantum Biology- New Frontiers of MBS- LAB (2-hrs)Non-MedicalBarrie Sands 2
The Magic of Medicinal MushroomsMedicalRobert J. Silver1
A Review of the Published Studies of Mushrooms MedicalRobert J. Silver1
Medicinal Mushroom Veterinary Materia MedicaMedicalRobert J. Silver1
The Awe- Inspiring Microbiome- Latest DiscoveriesMedicalOdette Suter1
The Struggling Biome- Pathogenesis & DiagnosticsMedicalOdette Suter1
MBRT in PracticeMedicalOdette Suter1
Trigger PointsMedicalMichelle Tilghman1
Working Through Neurological Diagnostic PuzzlesMedicalMichelle Tilghman1
The TCVM Approach to Geriatric Animal CareMedicalMichelle Tilghman1
Canine TCC: Diagnosis and ManagementMedicalMichelle Tilghman1
Blood Deficiency: The Missing Piece in K9 RehabMedicalShelby Watson1
CCL Injuries in Dogs: The Integrative ApproachMedicalShelby Watson1
BPC 157: Healing on the HorizonMedicalShelby Watson1
Homeopathy Before, During and After SurgeryMedicalLaura Weis1
Homeopathy for HospiceMedicalLaura Weis1
Homeopathy for Acute Gastrointestinal DiseaseMedicalLaura Weis1
The Basics of TCVM Food TherapyMedicalJudy Morgan1
Basics Properties of Food Beyond Yin & YangMedicalJudy Morgan1
Homemade Diets for Specific Disease ProblemsMedicalJudy Morgan1
Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbs and Fats: How Do I Know What to Use For Balance?MedicalJudy Morgan1
Feeding for TCVM Personalities Fire, Earth, Water, WoodMedicalJudy Morgan1

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