Conference Continuing Education


The 2022 AHVMA Conference included 84 hours of RACE-approved content.

Any one veterinarian or veterinary technician could earn a maximum of 21 RACE-approved CE credits during the conference.

This approval is valid in jurisdictions that recognize AAVSB RACE; participants are responsible for ascertaining CE requirements within their jurisdiction.

2022 RACE-approved Courses

Lecture TitleCategorySpeakerCE Credits
Herbal Approaches to Intestinal and Blood Bourne ParasitesMedicalRenee Crozier Prince1
Foundations of Herbal Energetic Formulation and Diagnostics for AnimalsMedicalRenee Crozier Prince1
Herbal Formulation and Approacheds for all things skinMedicalRenee Crozier Prince1
Using Botanicals to Support Loss and Grief in AnimalsNon-MedicalRenee Crozier Prince1
Supporting Animal Illness with Flower EssencesMedicalRenee Crozier Prince1
Intro to Herbal MedicineMedicalLaurie Dohmen1
Herbal Antimicrobials 1MedicalLaurie Dohmen1
Herbal Antimicrobials 2MedicalLaurie Dohmen1
Echinacea, A Powerful PlantMedicalLaurie Dohmen1
The Nose Knows- Organolectics & Blending (2hr lab)MedicalCarol Falck
Integrative Tools to Calm the "Cytokine Storm"MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Perioperative Application of Non-Thermal LaserMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
PBM & NRF2: 1-2 Punch for Oxidative Stress!MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
VNS: What happens in Vagus, doesn't stay in Vagus!MedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Feline Enrichment: Missing Link in the 5 FreedomsMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
Photobiomodulation from Prehabiliation to RehabilitationMedicalJanet Gordon Palm1
The Anatomy of a MushroomMedicalJoni Kamlet1
The Role of Mushrooms in the Veterinary ToolboxMedicalJoni Kamlet1
Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) and Canine Cognitive DysfunctionMedicalJoni Kamlet1
Intro to Holistic Veterinary MedicineMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Integrating Holistic Medicine into Your PracticeMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Intro to Veterinary ChiropracticMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Probiotics: The Missing NutrientMedicalDouglas Knueven1
Intro to Raw FeedingMedicalDouglas Knueven1
TCVM for Wei SyndromeMedicalRonald Koh1
TCVM for Urinary IncontinenceMedicalRonald Koh1
TCVM for Fecal IncontinenceMedicalRonald Koh1
TCVM for Vestibular SyndromeMedicalRonald Koh1
TCVM for EpilepsyMedicalRonald Koh1
TCVM for Inflammatory CNS DiseasesMedicalRonald Koh1
Intro to Veterinary OsteopathyMedicalPatricia M. Kortekaas1
Lymphatics, More than Silent Waves?MedicalPatricia M. Kortekaas1
Lymph Dynamics: Help "Flush" Lymph Stagnation with Vibration (Osteophonics) (2 hr lab)MedicalPatricia M. Kortekaas2
The Canine DiaphragmMedicalPatricia M. Kortekaas1
Classical Chinese Philosophy, Shang Han LunMedicalCynthia Lankenau1
Classical Chinese Philosophy, Wen BingMedicalCynthia Lankenau1
Classical Chinese Philosophy, Gu SyndromeMedicalCynthia Lankenau1
NAET- An Immune Balancing Technique, Part 1MedicalCynthia Maro1
NAET- Treating Emotional Imbalances, Part 2MedicalCynthia Maro1
NAET (2 hr lab)MedicalCynthia Maro2
Advances in Treating Immune- Mediated DiseasesMedicalSteve Marsden1
Cracking the Mystery of the Shao YangMedicalSteve Marsden1
Many Diseases, One Treatment- Case StudiesMedicalSteve Marsden1
Intro to Homeopathy Part 1MedicalLisa Melling1
Intro to Homeopathy Part 2MedicalLisa Melling1
Integrating Homeopathy into Your Practice, Part 1MedicalLisa Melling1
Integrating Homeopathy into Your Practice, Part 2MedicalLisa Melling1
Homeopathy: Hope for the Hopeless, Part 1MedicalLisa Melling1
Homeopathy: Hope for the Hopeless, Part 2MedicalLisa Melling1
Essential Oils BasicsMedicalJared Mitchell1
Adding Essential Oils to Everyday PracticeMedicalJared Mitchell1
Antiviral Effects of Essential OilsMedicalJared Mitchell1
Integrating Chinese Medical Massage (2 hr lab)MedicalNell J. Ostermeier2
Chinese Medical Massage, Part 1MedicalNell J. Ostermeier1
Chinese Medical Massage, Part 2MedicalNell J. Ostermeier1
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)MedicalGary Richter1
Phytocannabinoids & TerpenesMedicalGary Richter1
Current Medical Cannabis ResearchMedicalGary Richter1
Formulations, Dosing and Current Legal StatusMedicalGary Richter1
Introduction to Veterinary Infrared Thermal ImagingMedicalRonald J. Riegel1
Infrared Thermal Image Interpretation and Case EvaluationMedicalRonald J. Riegel1
Imaging the Patient (2 hr lab)MedicalRonald J. Riegel2
Stress, Coherence, Heart and BrainMedicalBarrie Sands 1
The Misconception of Compassion FatigueNon-MedicalBarrie Sands 1
Your Amazing Biology - You are the Technology (2 part)Non-MedicalBarrie Sands 2
Biological EntanglementMedicalBarrie Sands 1
From Ceremony to Protocol and BackNon-MedicalBarrie Sands 1
Western Herbs DemystifiedMedicalGreg Tilford1
Basics of Herbal FormulationMedicalGreg Tilford1
Deep Herbalism for a Green PlanetMedicalGreg Tilford1