Conference Events

Each year at the Annual Conference, there are several special events, hosted by us or by related groups.

Welcome Reception

The Newcomers’ Welcome Reception is a place for anyone who is new to any aspect of integrative medicine to come talk with those who have experience in the field.  The Reception was designed for:

  • All students
  • First year graduates
  • People attending the conference for the first time
  • People who are new to any aspect of integrative, complementary, alternative or holistic medicine
  • Anyone who feels like a newbie and wants to find out more information by speaking to a practitioner, one on one

Members from our Council of Elders and other experienced practitioners will be on hand to answer questions about all aspects of holistic veterinary medicine..

All registered attendees are welcome!

Council of Elders Forum

The Council of Elders exists to hold the wisdom of experience and the love essence of healing.  The topic of the forum changes each year, but the goal is the same – it brings hope and love together so people can find and walk their healing path.


Get your fancy on and enjoy an evening of dinner and drinks at our Annual Banquet!

Memorial Celebration

Each year at our Memorial Celebration, we honor both human and animal friends who have passed on.  This touching ceremony of lives and loves lost reminds us of our our greater purpose in medicine.

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is our opportunity to gather and discuss issues pertinent to the future of the organization.

Please take the opportunity to attend and have a voice in our Association.

Breakfast Meetings

Several of our sponsors hold free breakfast- or lunch-and-learns. Be sure to register early, as these events fill up fast!

Annual Retreat

Typically held in conjunction with the Annual Conference, our Connections Retreat is an opportunity for you to decompress and enjoy some self-care.  Learn more about the annual retreat.