Council of Elders

Council of EldersThe Council of Elders (COE) exists to hold the wisdom of experience and the love essence of healing.

Our activities reflect that:

  1. Our contributions to the Journal (JAHVMA) focus on spirit-mind-body health.
  2. Our Forum brings hope and love together so people can find and walk their healing path.
  3. The awards focus attention in a fun way and honor exceptional contribution.
  4. The Memorial Celebration releases entrapped energy and reminds us that love continues helping us all. Released and invigorated, we can move forward.

The COE has held an unofficial healing function for many years. We are now moving forward to offer members a Healing Circle, a contact for prayers and positive intentions for members needing assistance.

For more information on the Healing Circle, contact Dr. Rick Palmquist at or any COE member.

AHVMA Council Of Elders

Cynthia Lankenau, DVM – Colden, NY, Chair
Twila Floyd, DVM – AL, Co-Chair
Mona A. Boudreaux, DVM – Wonder Lake, IL
P. J. Broadfoot, DVM – Van Buren, AR
Christina Chambreau, DVM – Sparks, MD
James Clark, DVM – Salmon Arm, BC Canada
Victoria Farthing, DVM – Stafford, VA
Angel Mitchell, DVM – Columbus, NC
Richard Palmquist, DVM – Inglewood, CA
Margo Roman, DVM – Hopkinton, MA
Nancy Scanlan, DVM – Mount Shasta, CA
Judith Shoemaker, DVM – Nottingham, PA
Linda Stern, DVM – Camp Hill, PA