2021 AHVMA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Exhibitor Information

Important Dates

  • Exhibitor Move-In: Friday, October 1, 2021 and Saturday, October 2, 2021
  • Exhibit Dates: October 2-4, 2020
  • Cancellation Deadlines: Before April 1, 2021 – $150 fee, April 1 – May 20, 2021 – 50% Refund. On or after May 20, 2021 – No refund

For more information on becoming an exhibitor please contact office@ahvma.org.

Exhibitor Booth Map

(As of August 18, 2021)

Notification 2
Advantage Biosciences www.resvantage.com
American Herbal Labs www.newvita.com
Animal Essentials www.animalessentials.com
Answers Pet Food www.answerspetfood.com
Ayush Herbs, Inc. www.ayush.com
Canine to Five www.neugierpet.com
Chi Dog www.chidog.com
Chi University www.chiu.edu
Digatherm by ICI www.digatherm.com
Doctor Multimedia www.doctormultimedia.com
Dr. Harvey's www.drharveys.com
Evermore Pet Food www.evermorepetfood.com
Gilad & Gilad, LLC www.fornervehealth.com
Healthy Hemp Pet www.healthhemppet.com
Holistic Health 4 Animals www.HolisticHealth4Animals.com
Holistic Health 4 Animals www.HolisticHealth4Animals.com
Katie's Pet Products, Inc. www.katiespetproducts.com
Multi Radiance www.multiradiance.com
Qest, LLC www.qest4.com
Ramaekers Nutrition www.ramaekersnutrition.com
Rx Vitamins, Inc. www.rxvitamins.com
Steve's Real Food www.stevesrealfood.com
SuperEssentials for Dogs www.superessentialsforpets.com
VFI Laboratory www.vdilab.com
Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association (VMAA) www.vmaa.net
VetriScience Laboratories www.vetriproline.com
Wellsong Energetics www.detoxalot.com
Ziwi USA, Inc. www.ziwipets.com
Veterinary Cannabis Society www.veterinarycannabissociety.org
Earth Buddy Pet www.earthbuddypet.com
A Time To Heal www.atimetohealherbs.com
Mushroom Matrix www.mushroommatrix.com
Young Living www.ylvetsandpets.com
Treatibles www.treatibles.com
Standard Process, Inc. www.standardprocess.com
Standard Process, Inc. www.standardprocess.com
Primal Pet Foods www.primalpetfoods.com
AnimalBiome www.animalbiome.com
Options for Animals www.optionsforanimals.com
Respond Systems www.respondsystems.com
The Original mine Pet Platter www.minepetplatter.com
EPI/Alpha-Stim® www.alpha-stim.com
Hero Braces www.goherogo.com
CBD Dog Health www.cbddoghealth.com/
Assisi Animal Health www.assisianimalhealth.com/
Jiminy's www.jiminys.com/
ExeGi Pharma - Visbiome Vet www.visbiomevet.com/
Animal Health Options www.animalhealthoptions.com/
Primal Pet Foods www.primalpetfoods.com
Green Juju www.greenjuju.com
Pet Tao www.pettao.com
CatanDogs Global www.fleasgone.com
Kombat Boots, Inc. www.kombatboots.com
Kure Pet Food www.kurepetfood.com
Black Mountain Botanicals, Inc. www.drfossums.com
MBS Multimedia Business Solutions multimediabusinesssolutions.com