For Sale



Holistic/Natural Medicine outpatient practice for sale located near Colorado Springs. A very busy, enjoyable and easy Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbal, Homeopathic, Functional Medicine practice. Current practice is limited to these modalities plus Preventative Medicine, Lab Work and Diet management. Traditional work could easily be added. We refer for x-rays, surgery, biopsies, and other work every day. Very reasonably priced. Owner ready to do more fishing. Contact:



Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic, 17 years in business. Chiropractic, physiotherapy, nutrition, herbology, essential oils. Underwater treadmill, laser, microcurrent, PST, ultrasound, Chi-Gong. Average 35 new clients per month. Excellent staff. High visibility location. Very lucrative. Owner changing gears, relocating elsewhere. . Email 636-583-1700.


Business Opportunities

Small laboratory, interstate milk/state licensed and state/EPA for waters. New instrument for fat, protein, lactose, urea, etc. Routine microbial detection/ antimicrobial testing, tissue culture. Site has current hemp growing license. Positive cash flow. Relocate lab or include property with house, barn, trout pond, hemp grow license. Contact:



Animal Care Using the SE-5 for $35 available now and my next one which will be available at the end of August called Treating Animals with Cancer with Homeopathy $50.

They can be purchased at Joanne Stefanatos, DVM, Ltd.,  330 Chartan Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89183.