Essential Oils in Veterinary Wound Management: A Review of Current Literature

Carol L. Falck, VMD

Issue: Volume 67 Summer 2022

Online Publication Date: 9 June 2022


Wounds are a common presenting complaint in clinical veterinary practice. Veterinarians have begun incorporating essential oils (EOs) into pet wound management protocols. This review article explores the current research and evidence for utilizing essential oils as part of a wound management plan. The literature contains many additional animal model studies, as well as review articles, human pre-clinical and clinical trials, and 1 veterinary case report. Some wounds pose special treatment challenges due to multiple factors, including underlying medical conditions, secondary infections, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and practical/financial constraints. Successful wound management includes strategies for preventing infection by microbial pathogens. While more human and animal clinical trials are needed, the current review indicates promise for using essential oils to accelerate wound healing in veterinary practice.