Journal vol 67 – Summer 2022

Online publication date: 1 June 2022

Table of Contents

Scientific Reviews

11. Essential Oils in Veterinary Wound Management: A Review of Current Literature
Carol L. Falck, VMD

23. D-mannose Use for Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats
Elizabeth DeLomba, DVM, MBA

30. From Honey to Venom: An Overview of Apitherapy
Laurie Dohmen, VMD, MS


34. Don’t Pick Up That Rotten Banana Peel
Laurie Fonken, Ph.D, LPC

From the Literature

36. A Novel Bone Marrow–Sparing Treatment for Primary Erythrocytosis in a Cat: Onion Powder
Reviewed by Lea Stogdale, DVM
Editorial Committee

37. Daily Intake of a Homeopathic Agent by Dogs Modulates White Cell Defenses and Reduces Bacterial Counts in Feces
Reviewed by Judy Herman, DVM

38. Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris) Grieve Over the Loss of a Conspecific
Reviewed by W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Editorial Committee

Also in this issue

6. Editor’s Introduction

8. From the Executive Director

10. President’s Letter

40. AHVMA Hotel & Travel

41. AHVMA Conference Schedule

45. 2022 AHVMA Conference Registration Form

47. Council of Elder News

48. Council of Elders Conference Retreat

50. VBMA and ACBVM Update

51. AHVMF Update

52. In Memoriam

53. AHVMA Membership Forms

55. Classified

57. Standard Abbreviations

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