Journal vol 68 – Fall 2022

Online publication date: 6 October 2022

Table of Contents


11. A Perspective on Glyphosate: The Expanding Prevalence of This Chemical Herbicide and Its Vast Impacts on Human and Animal Health
Katie Kangas, DVM
DOI: https:/

Scientific Reviews

22. Overview of the Heart’s Intelligence:A Dynamic Perspective into the World of Energetic Wellness
Barrie E. Sands, DVM
DOI: https:/

31. Music and Sound Modalities to Enhance Pain Management
Susan O. Wagner, DVM, MS
DOI: https:/


35. A Five Senses Nature Meditation
Kris August, DVM

From the Literature

37. A Pilot Study Examining a Proprietary Herbal Blend for the Treatment of Canine Osteoarthritis Pain
Reviewed by Laurie Dohmen, VMD, MS

38. Enteric Pathogens Induce Tissue Tolerance and Prevent Neuronal Loss from Subsequent Infections
Reviewed by Lea Stogdale, DVM

39. Bioactive Scaffold With Enhanced Supramolecular Motion Promote Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury
Reviewed by Bernard Fischer, DVM, PhD

Also in this issue

6. Editor’s Introduction

8. From the Executive Director

10. President’s Letter

41. 2022 AHVMA Conference Hotel & Travel

42. Conference Schedule

46. Conference Registration Form

48. VBMA and ACBVM Update

50. Council of Elder News

51. AHVMF Update

52. AVH Update

53. AHVMA Membership Form

55. Classified

58. Standard Abbreviations

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