Journal vol 72 – Fall 2023

Online publication date: 14 September 2023

Table of Contents

Timely Topic

11. Detailed Summary of the Panel Discussion on Copper-Associated Hepatopathy from the ACVIM Forum 2023
Sharon Center, DVM


13. Considerations for Chew Items for Dogs and Cats
John R. Lewis, VMD

Scientific Review

18. Overview of Botanical Therapies for Oral Conditions
Kris August, DVM

Case Report

26. The Use of Physical Rehabilitation to Improve Outcome Following Traumatic Brain Injury in a Dog — A Case Report
Leann M. Shaw, DVM, MS, Rachel Yoquelet, RVT, Jessica Bowditch, RVT, Christy Buckley, DVM, Masahiro Murakami, PhD, Stephanie Thomovsky, DVM, MS

From the Literature

38. Canine Smell Preferences—Do Dogs Have Their Favorite Scents?
Reviewed by Editorial Committee

39. Changes in the Salivary Metabolome in Canine Hypothyroidism: A Pilot Study
Summary by W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Editorial Committee

40. Intra-Socket Application of Medical-Grade Honey After Tooth Extraction Attenuates Inflammation and Promotes Healing in Cats
Reviewed by Shelley R. Epstein, VMD
Editor in Chief

Holistic Practice Management

36. Holistic as the Last Chance Option
Lea Stogdale, DVM

Also in this issue

6. Editor’s Introduction

8. President’s Letter

10. From the Executive Director

41. Council of Elders News Success and Happiness

42. AHVMF Update Student Grant Winners and Spring Fundraiser43. AVH Update Veterinary Homeopathy: Conferences, Couches, Continuing Education, and Certification

44. In Memoriam

45. 2023 AHVMA Conference Want to Be Part of the 2024 AHVMA Conference?

46. AHVMA Conference Hotel & Travel

48. AHVMA Conference Schedule

52. 2023 AHVMA Conference Registration Form

54. AHVMA Membership Form

56. Classifieds

59. Standard Abbreviations

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