Journal vol 75 – Summer 2024

Online publication date: 13 June 2024

Table of Contents

Scientific Review

11. Molecules With Pre-Clinical Evidence of Targeting Aging in Multi-species Models for Consideration in Companion Animal Medicine
Heather Oxford, DVM, MPH

Scientific Report

27. Antibacterial Efficacy of Plant Aqueous Extracts Against Escherichia coli O157:H7 Bacteria in Grenada, West Indies
Shekinah Morris, DVM, Harry Hariharan, DVM, PhD, TM Reddy, MD, Kamashi Kumar, MVSc, PhD

From The Literature

36. Age at Cancer Diagnosis by Breed, Weight, Sex, and Cancer Type in a Cohort of More Than 3,000 Dogs: Determining the Optimal Age to Initiate Cancer Screening in Canine Patients
Reviewed by Lea Stogdale, DVM, Editorial Committee

38. State-of-the-Art of the Nutritional Alternatives to the Use of Antibiotics in Humans and Monogastric Animals
Reviewed by Lea Stogdale, DVM, Editorial Committee

Also in this issue

6. Editor’s Introduction

8. President’s Letter

10. From the Executive Director

39. Council of Elders: Someday….

40. Council of Elders Founders Series Founder’s Spotlight: Dr. Mary Battistella

42. VBMA and ACVBM Update: Summer Update

43. AVH Update: Veterinary Homeopathy: Conferences, Continuing Education, and Certification

44. AHVMF Update: AHVMF Thanks Dr. Tiekert

45. Conference Program Committee: Ready to Reconnect in Reno?

47. AHVMA 2024 Conference Registration Form

49. AHVMA Membership Form

51. AHVMA 2024 Conference Schedule

55. Classifieds

57. Standard Abbreviations

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