Nutrition Response Testing® in the Dissolution of Persistent Cystoliths and Choleliths in a Miniature Schnauzer

Rachel Starr, DVM


Issue: Volume 71 Summer 2023

Online Publication Date: 14 June 2023


A 10-year-old, 5 kg, spayed female Miniature Schnauzer presented with a history of long-term urolithiasis that had recurred and persisted despite conventional medical management. After 2 cystotomies, the owner did not want to pursue another surgery when the dog was diagnosed with cystoliths complicated by hyperlipidemia and choleliths. The owner sought alternative treatment, and the dog was referred for Nutrition Response Testing® (NRT). The base diet was changed to a minimally processed, whole-food, homemade diet. A nutritional supplement program was designed using NRT. Dissolution of both the uroliths and the choleliths occurred within 3 months, and the dog’s overall quality of life (QOL) improved significantly.