Evaluating the Use of Iridology as an Effective and Inexpensive Diagnostic Tool That Can Be Utilized in the Practice of Veterinary Medicine

Lisa M. Fox, DVM

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56641/ZWRA7820

Issue: Volume 70 Spring 2023

Online Publication Date: 6 April 2023


The study of iridology is a non-conventional diagnostic tool based on the mapping of the body onto the iris. Using this method, a trained iridologist or trained veterinary practitioner can accurately pinpoint areas of concern in the body, including areas of genealogical concern along a bloodline when dealing with an unknown history. This paper provides an overview of iridology through its history and embryological basis and an introduction to the methodology involved in the diagnosis of health conditions. A critical overview is presented of clinical studies and trials utilizing newer techniques involving computer algorithms, imaging equipment, various classification models and computerized imagery extraction methods, and artificial intelligence-aided disease diagnosis.