Letter from the President

BarbaraRoyalAs President of the AHVMA, I thank you for your continued support of our organization in these exciting times of change.

I appreciate everyone’s hard work in maintaining a holistic perspective. Your individual dedication and successes every day make our mission vital, relevant and more achievable than ever.

We began 2014 with quite a splash. At the AVMA Leadership Conference and House Of Delegates (HOD) Winter Session, we participated in our first full voting session as delegates. Our voice, opinion and vote were heard. We won both holistic medicine resolutions; the anti-homeopathy bill was defeated, and the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture was accepted as the newest HOD voting member. Because of the AHVMA’s active role in the House of Delegates, over 90% of the AVMA delegate votes were in our favor. It was thrilling to feel the wave of support for our membership from our conventional colleagues.

An increasing number of holistic and integrative lectures are now accepted for Continuing Education credit in many states. The AHVMA will continue to lead the movement for our members’ right to learn and be credited for our knowledge.

These successes come on the heels of tremendous opportunities we’ve created in research, funding, and integrative education in many veterinary schools.

We are meeting many challenges head on to improve credibility and training for our members. Financial support is essential in maintaining a proactive and relevant organization.

Costs have been decreased with careful resource management, yet we still need to slightly increase our annual dues to $197. I ask this of our members with great respect because I know how hard we all work for every dollar. This increase will allow our continued forward momentum in providing more services and support for our members by:

  • constructing a more functional and interactive website and social media presence
  • creating an extraordinary, enlightening annual conference
  • further improving our educational presence in veterinary schools and professional conferences
  • enhancing our presence within the AVMA, leading the charge as the first integrative association with HOD status

The benefits you receive as an AHVMA member are essential to the advancement of our profession, crucial to our success, and in my opinion, priceless. I appreciate your support and am excited about the coming year as we continue to champion holistic medicine in our veterinary profession.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA

President, AHVMA