Mentor Program

Are you an AHVMA member who wants to make a difference?

Help mentor our newest members and first-time conference attendees and help them get the most out of their conference experience.

Criteria to Become a Mentor

  • Must be an AHVMA Member.
  • Must be willing to devote the time at the conference necessary to help guide newcomers and maximize their conference experience.
  • All applications are subject to review and approval by the Mentor Program Task Force.

Mentor Expectations

The Mentor will explore the needs of the Mentee to determine how best to guide them both at the AHVMA annual meeting and in any follow up communication (if desired). The Mentor is expected to meet privately with the Mentee during the first day of the annual meeting and reach agreement as to his or her specific role depending on the needs of the Mentee.

Ideally, the Mentor will make contact prior to the AHVMA meeting in order to facilitate communication at the annual meeting.

There is no requirement that the Mentor continue mentoring after the conference but this is encouraged.

Mentee Expectations

The Mentee will meet with their Mentor during the first day of the annual conference and communicate the areas where they are hoping to receive guidance. The Mentee should have some ideas about areas of holistic medicine that interested them so Mentors can effectively guide them through the meeting.

The priority will be for first-time conference attendees. If there are sufficient Mentors, that could be extended to “newer” members of the AHVMA.

Learn More

Interested in becoming a mentor or finding a mentor? Please email