A quick note of encouragement to start our week

Good Morning AHVMA members, A quick note of encouragement to start our week. I want to thank all the members who have generously contacted the office in support of the organization, and I wanted to share one such example below. I have been very impressed with the integrity of the members and the conviction with which we all practice. With your continued member support, we will thrive and grow.

Diana Drumm, DVM
AHVMA President 2021 – 2022

Cynthia Maro, DVM, CVA, CAC, VMRT, VNAET
Cranberry Holistic Pet Care
20570 Route 19, Rear
Cranberry Twp, PA  16066

Dear Lauana, Dr. Drumm, Board Members and Staff of AHVMA,

I am writing in support of the AHVMA and to applaud your efforts to manage expenses throughout the past 2 conferences, with a myriad of logistical and financial challenges.

Having served on boards and conference committees of professional organizations, I understand the strains the pandemic has put on many non-profits, especially those which would normally raise funds through cancelled in-person events. This week, my church and local YMCA sent similar letters asking for funds to sustain salaries, secondary to loss of revenue during the pandemic and inflation.

During the past 2 year’s conferences, I was impressed with content and the personnel in their diligence and good judgment in the face of challenges. I know we are in good hands with our current leadership, and am mindful that our board and officers are unpaid representatives that need all of our contributions and efforts for us to succeed.

As a member for 34 years, I consider it a privilege to receive AHVMA support through affiliates and educational resources, as well being the beneficiary of the legitimacy AHVMA offers practitioners of integrative modalities. We are not considered dabblers in wacky medicine, because AHVMA has given us a voice and forum; we have strength in numbers and through AHVMF research.

I’ve reflected on some of the benefits of this organization which are priceless; the financial and spiritual value is so profound in our veterinary practices and daily lives:

  • Countless practice referrals through a completely FREE online website portal linking members to the public
  • Validation and legitimacy for the modalities we use in practice, including those that are quite esoteric
  • Access to decades worth of articles/lectures/references from past conferences, included with membership
  • Ongoing funding and research which validate our chosen modalities through AHVMF
  • The ability to offer services, under our professional license, which the AVMA has, in the past, attempted to restrict in the practice act
  • A campaign by AHVMA, organizing holistic vets enables us to offer integrative care
  • Representation of holistic veterinarians, with a seat in the AVMA House of Delegates, which took years to attain; this occurred because of the growth in of AHVMA.

I can only imagine how difficult it would be to practice the way each of us is uniquely choosing, without the AHVMA. Because of the years of practice autonomy and growth AHVMA has given me, I feel honored and obligated to “Give Back” to the AHVMA at this time.  I am returning my conference speakers’ check to AHVMA.

I will also reach out to my most generous and able clients, whose companions have benefited from holistic care, to request they consider a tax deductible donation to AHVMA.

Please share this letter of encouragement with our colleagues who may have experienced a financially abundant year; those who can donate to AHVMA will enable all of us to continue to reap the benefits our organization offers.


Cindy Maro, DVM