Message from the Executive Director

Dear AHVMA Members, Supporters and Friends,

Many of you may already know me from my previous work with AHVMA. From 2013 – 2019, I served in just about every position in the office, starting with answering the phone and processing your memberships.

In the fall of 2021, I was contacted by the AHVMA Board of Directors who asked if I would consider coming back as Interim Executive Director.

This was a request I could not turn down. After my brief hiatus from AHVMA, I found myself struggling for the words to express how it feels to be back. Humbled might come closest.

Over the years at AHVMA, I have found selfless teachers and friends in many of you. I would like to thank all of you who have so positively affected my life. Worthy of extra-special recognition are the Board of Directors, Council of Elders, and Conference Program Committee. I would also like to thank Nancy Scanlan and Carvel Tiekert who have profoundly impacted both my personal and professional life. These past executive directors have left me with some big shoes I can never fill. However, I hope that I have absorbed some of their most positive qualities in continuing to support not only the success, but more importantly the heart of AHVMA.

As you know from the recent message from our President, Diana Drumm, AHVMA’s financial situation and future is dire.

I would like to extend immense gratitude to every member who has donated so far.

Over the past few weeks, through the efforts of our members, we have raised just over $20,000.00. However, this generosity is not yet enough to resolve the financial hardships of the past two years.

I am urging all friends of AHVMA who have the means to donate to do so now.

I would like to also make a personal appeal to anyone whose membership may have lapsed to please consider rejoining AHVMA. This is a time of renewal and new beginnings.

We need you.

New beginnings in no way means we ought to forget where we came from, and least of all the many shoulders who have carried the weight of AHVMA all these years. While reflecting upon the current situation and history of AHVMA I found myself digging through the archives and remembering the many stories I have been fortunate enough to hear and be a part of. I wanted to share with you AHVMA’s first newsletter (spring of 1982). I am also including samples of newsletters and Journals every ten years from then until now. Just a snapshot the progress and growth of the association we have all worked to create.

With gratitude,

Lauana Paradine
AHVMA Interim Executive Director