2022 Conference Proceedings

Publication date: 2022

Table of Contents

Renee Crozier Prince, Clinical Practicing Herbalist, RH (AHG)

12. Herbal Approaches to Intestinal and Blood Bourne Parasites
16. Foundations of Herbal Energetic Formulation and Diagnostics for Animals
20. Herbal Formulation and Approaches for All Things Skin
23. Using Botanicals to Support Loss and Grief in Animals
32. Supporting Animal Illness with Flower Essences

Laurie Dohmen, VMD, MS

35. Intro to Herbal Medicine
39. Herbal Antimicrobials: Part 1
44. Herbal Antimicrobials part 2
50. Echinacea: A Powerful Plant

Carol Falck, VMD, MS, CVA, Certified Vet Aromatherapy

55. Essential Oil Organoleptics/Blending Lab, Session 1
55. Essential Oil Organoleptics/Blending Lab, Session 2

Janet Gordon Palm, BS, DVM

60. Integrative Tools to Calm the “Cytokine Storm”
65. Perioperative Applications of Non-Thermal Laser
0. PBM and NRF2: 1-2 Punch for Oxidative Stress!
75. What happens in Vagus Doesn’t Stay in Vagus!
80. Feline Enrichment: Missing Link in the 5 Freedoms
95. PBM from Prehabilitation to Rehabilitation

Joni Kamlet, RVT, CCRA

99. The Role of Mushrooms in the Veterinary Toolbox
107. The Anatomy of a Mushroom
114. Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) and Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Doug Knueven, DVM, CVA, CVC, CVCH

120. Intro to Holistic Veterinary Medicine
127. Integrating Holistic Medicine into Your Practice
132. Intro to Veterinary Chiropractic
138. Probiotics: The Missing Nutrient
147. Intro to Raw Feeding


155. TCVM for Wei Syndrome
158. TCVM for Urinary Incontinence
163. TCVM for Fecal Incontinence
166. TCVM for Vestibular Syndrome
169. TCVM for Epilepsy
174. TCVM for Inflammatory CNS Diseases

Patricia M. Kortekaas, Physical Therapist

177. An Introduction To Veterinary Osteopathy: Treating The Whole Body Through Animal Normalization Techniques (Manual Therapy)
183. The Canine Diaphragm: A complex Structure with Major Impacts on the Body
188. Lymphatics: More than Silent Waves? 
196. LAB: Lymph Dynamics: Help “Flush” the Lymph Stagnation with Vibration (Osteophonics), Session 1
196. LAB: Lymph Dynamics: Help “Flush” the Lymph Stagnation with Vibration (Osteophonics), Session 2 

Cynthia Lankenau, DVM, RH (AHG), MS- TCVM

KEYNOTE- Plant Allies: Magical Healing
199. Classical Chinese philosophy: Shang Han Lun
212. Classical Chinese philosophy: Wen Bing
223. Classical Chinese philosophy: Gu Syndrome

Cynthia Maro, DVM, CVA, CAC, VMRT

229. Veterinary NAET, an Immune Balancing Technique
236. NAET Part 2, Treating Emotional Imbalances
243. NAET Lab, Session 1
243. NAET Lab, Session 2

Steve Marsden, DVM, ND, MSOM, LAC.DIPL. CH

244. Advances in Treating Immune-Mediated Disease 
254. Cracking the Mystery of the Shao Yang 
266. Many Diseases, One Treatment: Case Studies 

Lisa Melling, DVM

278. Intro to Homeopathy, Part 1
284. Intro to Homeopathy, Part 2
289. Integrating Homeopathy into Your Practice, Part 1
296. Integrating Homeopathy into Your Practice, Part 2
302. Homeopathy: Hope for the Hopeless Part 1
308. Homeopathy: Hope for the Hopeless, Part 2 

Jared Mitchell, DVM, CVMA, CVA

318. Essential Oil Basics
326. Adding Essential Oils to Everyday Practice
334. Anti-Viral Effects of Essential Oils 

Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA, FAAVA

341. Introduction to Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na)
345. Practical Application and Integration of Chinese Medical Massage In Veterinary Practice
351. Integrating Chinese Medical Massage Lab, Session 1
351. Integrating Chinese Medical Massage Lab, Session 2  

Gary Richter, MS, DVM, CVA, CVC, GDVWHM

358. The Endocannabinoid System
363. Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes
374. Current Medical Cannabis Research
378. Formulations, Dosing, and Current Legal Status 

Ronald Riegel, DVM

384. Introduction to Veterinary Infrared Thermal Imaging
387. Infrared Thermal Image Interpretation and Case Evaluation
390. Imaging the patient/hands-on experience Lab 

Barrie Sands, DVM, CVA

392. Stress, Coherence, Heart and Brain
399. The Misconception of Compassion Fatigue
405. Your Amazing Biology-You are the Technology, Part 1
405. Your Amazing Biology-You are the Technology, Part 2
414. Biological Entanglement
420. From Ceremony to Protocol and back 

Susan Swanson, DVM, MS

COE Forum, Interplay

Gregory Tilford, Herbalist

423. Western Herbs Demystified
430. The Basics of Herbal Formulation
433. Deep Herbalism for a Green Planet 

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