Information for Selected Speakers

If you are interested in speaking at future conferences, please read our Call for Papers to submit your proposal.

Only complete proposals containing abstracts, objectives, CV and bio will be considered.


Abstracts summarizing your lecture should be 250 words or less.


An objective states the purpose/objective of the lecture and the specific information, concepts, and/or skills that participants are expected to obtain by attending. There must be two objectives per hour of lecture.

Speaker CV

CVs must contain: Full Name of Author(s), Mailing Address, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, Current Occupation, Degrees and Other Professional Credentials, Name of College of Veterinary Medicine or other relevant degree program, and Year Graduated.

Speaker Bio

A brief bio of 50 – 100 words (MAXIMUM) is required and is separate from the CV.  This is what your moderator(s) will use to introduce you before each lecture.  We will also use this information in our promotional brochures.  Include only information you wish your moderator(s) to use.


Due by early spring.  Complete the W-9 and print it.

Sign the filled-in form and send to:

PO Box 630
Abingdon, MD 21009
Fax: 410-569-2346

Contact and Program Information

Due by early spring.  We need the contact information that you wish to be listed in the program. This will be requested as part of your speaker contract.

Please email to  Please use subject: Conference Speaker Contract Materials, < your name >. – for all of the above materials submitted.


Manuscripts are due late spring.  Manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word format; PDF or printed documents are not acceptable.  Please do not pre-format any footnotes or endnotes. Instead, include them at the end of the manuscript.

Deductions will be made to your speaker fees for late or incomplete manuscripts. Late or incomplete manuscripts may result in exclusion from Conference Proceedings.

Please email to  Please use subject: Conference Manuscript < your name >, < title of manuscript > .

Travel Itinerary

We need information about your travel arrangements – are you flying or driving? and where from? etc.

Due by early spring.  Please send all details to

Speakers receiving travel must make reservations through our travel agent; any air travel not booked through our agent will not be reimbursed by AHVMA and will be the responsibility of the speaker.